Thursday, October 1, 2009

Aug 29, 2009

I've managed to keep this up for a while (Since these are getting posted about a month after the fact). I only really drink some coke if I eat pizza (Coke just goes with pizza, Like milk with cookies......but don't dip the pizza in coke, thats nasty).

And because this is a weight loss comic, I also want to try and inform any readers about things I try, or make certain bits of interesting information available.

This site for one: Why soda is bad for you
Its got a few links to some interesting articles. But I think overall the message is "Don't drink that much soda, if any." Moderation is key to everything people.


  1. Last month I gave up soda, and I went about three and a half weeks before I had one soda. Now I find I have one a week at the moment, and it is getting tougher to drink because it's so sweet and odd tasting after getting used to drinking water. Now if only I could give up beer... (never gonna happen)

  2. hey, good man, I have been pop free for just about two years. Woot! Go team! Oh yeah, no energy drinks in almost a year.